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Feedback on Room Staging

We decided to have Ms Broekmann do a room staging because we were a little short of ideas about what we could do to make our living room and dining room look better without starting a complete overhaul. We also wanted to buy a new picture or sculpture to upgrade our setup a bit.

The first telephone exchange took place very quickly, with Ms Broekmann asking about our expectations to ensure that we could work together effectively. After consultation, I sent Ms Brockmann a short smartphone video of the rooms so that she could get an impression before the first on-site appointment. This also took place very quickly and was really an absolute enrichment for us.

Ms Broekmann came with lots of ideas, a selection of pictures and an art object, and even a possible new coffee table and decorative cushions. We then spent 1.5 hours discussing things together, moving furniture, hanging pictures and trying out different configurations. As part of this, Ms Broekmann asked for feedback and also gave us feedback on what we could do better. With her very friendly and constructive manner, she made it easy for us to accept and implement this.

After implementing your suggestions and advice over the last week, we now have much more comfortable, upgraded and somehow more stylish rooms and we are happy about it every day.


Living with art

Feedback on Room Staging



Customer feedback: What does Sabine Broekmann actually do for a living? Art expert. Interior designer. Gallery owner. Creative inspiration. She has everything in her portfolio, she is there and she sees.

Her ideas are such that sometimes I think they are crazy and so cool, but they are easy to implement and yet very effective. My individual wishes were always taken into account.

What do I need? What is important to me?

If you have a room that is still missing that certain something that would give the room warmth and exclusivity, structure and order or creativity, then I would always enthusiastically recommend consulting with Ms Broekmann.

In demand as an expert, valued as a person.

With much appreciation and enthusiasm, she manages to integrate appropriate art into the existing circumstances.

Thank you very much for each of your consultations!


Coach - Speaker - Author

Living with art

Feedback on Room Staging

"How to stage spaces with art" is Sabine Broekmann's credo as a gallery owner, art dealer and art consultant. This is part of an idea and creative process that has spanned almost thirty years and is at the same time intelligent, creative and rich in experience. In doing so, she brings art and spaces together with art seekers. In this way, a relationship is created that is partly sensitive, partly rational, but in any case highly magical, at the center of which she knows how to act extremely diplomatically as an expert moderator.

The goal of their art education is not to sell, but to convince people how and where art and spaces come together. But even more so, how the artists' art conquers the senses and feelings of those seeking art. Ultimately, art and spaces should come together as harmoniously as the artists and those seeking art.

Living room walls.

There were several on-site visits with different exhibits until the ambience, charisma and atmosphere were finally right.

If you want to create a home with art, Sabine Broekmann’s advice is highly recommended.


Living with art
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