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Spatial performance

Sabine Broekmann
Expert in room staging

1. Expertise in room staging:

With over 30 years of experience as an art dealer, I have deepened my passion for aesthetic staging and am now your expert in staging spaces. I understand the subtle nuances of colors, shapes and textures and know how they can be harmoniously combined to create an inviting and inspiring environment.

2. Personal consultation at your home:

My service goes beyond the gallery - I come to your home to learn about your individual needs and preferences. During a personal consultation, I explore your spaces, listen to your wishes and share my expertise to help you transform your home into a work of art.

3. Free initial consultation:

Your satisfaction is my top priority, which is why I offer the first 30 minutes of my consultation free of charge*. This gives us the opportunity to get to know each other and see how I can best help you.

* within a radius of 20 kilometers from Düsseldorf

4. Individual consulting packages:

After the free initial consultation, you can choose from my individual consulting packages that are tailored to your specific requirements. Prices start at €150 and vary depending on the scope and duration of the consultation.

Contact me today to schedule an appointment and let’s make your dream home come true together!

Phone / WhatsApp: +49 177 722 89 88

Yours, Sabine Broekmann

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Sabine Broekmann Interior design expert
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